Core Competencies


Special Project



Nicole B. Cignoli, MLS Candidate 2011

Information and Library Science

Southern Connecticut State University

This capstone portfolio, as the Special Project requirement for the Master of Library Science degree, represents the correlation of my graduate studies from 2007 to 2011 to the America Library Association’s core competencies. The sidebar is organized to help you understand my progression in fulfillment of the profession’s and the university’s expectations of an M.L.S. graduate.

Core Competencies is an overview of my understanding of each competency demonstrated through specific work. A listing of Courses highlights work that exhibits my knowledge and proficiency in the subject as well as my impressions upon successful completion of each course. The Special Project is the culmination of my knowledge acquired through the M.L.S. program. In Reflections I share the challenges and enjoyment I experienced in pursuit of my degree and lastly, I present my Resume.

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