Core Competencies

Special Project


AOT 690 Storytelling Institute

IDS 553 Grant Writing & Funding Sources

ILS 501 Introduction to Information Science and Technology

ILS 503 Foundations of Librarianship

ILS 504 Reference and information Resources and Services

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ILS 506 Information Analysis and Organization

ILS 519 Collection Development

ILS 537 Information Seeking Behavior

ILS 561 Public Libraries

ILS 568 Library Public Relations

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ILS 580 Research in Information and Library Science

ILS 599 Internatiional Perspectives on Digital Libraries, China Study Abroad Program



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Professor Hak Joon Kim
Catalog Description
Principles and applications of computers and information technologies in libraries and information centers.
Learning Goals/Outcomes

  • Demonstrate the mastery of basic terminologies, concepts, and theories related to information science and technology
  • Demonstrate knowledge of technologies used in library including introductory knowledge of computer hardware, software, telecommunication, networks, and digital formats used by libraries.
  • Demonstrate mastery of advanced technologies, skills and knowledge necessary for searching the Web.
  • Demonstrate mastery of skills and knowledge necessary for the development of a Web page.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in suing MS Office software programs in the course syllabus

Highlights/Samples of Course Work: This course introduced me to the use of Boolean operators which greatly improved the efficiency of my web searches. The exercise involving my meteorite paper exposed me to the variances in recall and retrieval precision caused by changing word order or groupings. For me the hardest part of the course was understanding and explaining technologies and their influence in libraries. However preparing and teaching the hardware unit (co-authored) of the course increased my trouble shooting skills and improved my computer course teaching techniques. The final project stretched my abilities as I self-taught and applied Dreamweaver web site design applications to build my not-for-profit's web site, www.saveoursterling.org

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