Core Competencies


Special Project



Professor Arlene Bielefield, J.D. and Adjunct Professor Belinha De Abreu, LMS
Catalog Description
The development, structure, and function of library/information agencies.
Learning Goals/Outcomes

  • Examine the historical context of libraries.
  • Identify ethics, standards and core competencies;
  • Compare and contrast services and programs of various types of libraries.
  • Analyze intellectual freedom policies and interpretations.
  • Investigate library associations - state, regional, national.
  • Explore current trends.

Highlights/Samples of Course Work: This course gave me a clearer picture of library development through my paper and presentation on Seymour Lubetsky whose work as a cataloger created the basis of Anglo-American Cataloging. I also gained insight into the role that libraries play in the protection of intellectual freedom and their stand against censorship as happens with I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. Being an on-campus course allowed for lively group discussions on what the library stood for and where it is going in the future. Through discussion, speakers, and field trips, I learned about the various fields within the profession and the ethical standards to which librarians are held.

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