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Steve Jones, Adjunct Professor
Catalog Description
General reference sources; their content, evaluation, and use. The reference process and the organization of reference and information services as they relate to different types of libraries.
Learning Goals/Outcomes

Students should learn the reference knowledge and competencies required for professional responsibilities in libraries and information centers, including the following:

  • The nature, function, and organization of reference and information services in different type libraries and information centers.
  • To conduct reference interviews and verify user information needs before and during the process of reference and information services.
  • The reference and information sources in print, electronic formats and on the Internet, generally used in most types of libraries and information centers.
  • The selection and use of different reference and information sources for answering different types of reference questions.
  • To use search strategies to locate and use appropriate information sources based on identified information needs.
  • To select and use reference sources on the Internet and from the most relevant web sites.
  • To keep-up with new developments in library reference services through online resources and guidelines of library professional associations Back to the top

Highlights/Samples of Course Work: In this course, I gained insight into the resources and techniques utilized by a reference librarian through "hands-on" assignments within Hilton S. Buley Library. The assignments not only reinforced the value of utilizing the full range of material available, but also underscored the importance of teamwork and interpersonal communication skills (PDF File) in retrieving pertinent information for a patron in a timely fashion. Written exercises further strengthened my skills and understanding of information retrieval through a variety of sources while my creation of the genealogy pathfinder contributed towards building the teaching skills necessary to inform the public of the opportunities available to them to retrieve and assess information on their own.

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