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Nicole B. Cignoli - Capstone Portfolio

State Statutes Assignment

Southern Connecticut State University

ILS 561 S 70 Public Libraries


Connecticut State Statues Title 11 pertains to libraries and has five chapters defining the roles and responsibilities of the State Library, Cooperating Service Library Unit Program, Law Libraries, Public Libraries, and the Interstate Library Compact.


The State of Connecticut enables municipal governments to determine the need for a public library. If not already defined by municipal charter, the library is managed by a board of directors, whose number can be divisible by the number three, per Chapter 190 Public Libraries, Secs. 11-20 & 11-21. Once the Board of Directors is defined, their six-year terms begin after the next municipal election and are staggered into three groupings. The first groupingsÕ term ends upon the next municipal election, then the second groupingÕs term ends at the subsequent, and the third term ends the following election. Therefore only one-third of the board is renewed at each municipal election per Chapter 146 Elections Sec. 9-207. Library directors. If there is a city council, the mayor can nominate up to nine residents for positions after election only one of which can be a member of the city council. The nomination are subject to the city councilÕs approval according to Chapter 146 Elections, Sec. 11-33. Powers and duties of directors in cities. Gifts. Once appointed, a public libraryÕs board of directors must meet and begin their functions as determined by Chapter 14 Freedom of Information, Chapter 164 Educational Opportunities Sec. 10-16q. and Chapter 170 Boards of Education Sec. 10-221g. In addition, they are responsible to hire, manage, and terminate the library director.


There are other chapters that pertain to public libraries. Chapter 113. Municipal Employees Sec. 7-425. Definitions. defines library employees as municipal employees and therefore eligible for a municipal pension. Chapter 219 Sales and Usage Tax Sec. 12-412. Exemptions. permits libraries and Friends Groups to not charge sales tax on books sales. Lastly, Chapter 952 Penal Code: Offenses. Sec. 53a-119. Larceny defined. includes theft or defacement of library materials  as a punishable offense under the law.

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