Core Competencies


Special Project



Professor Arlene Bielefield, J.D.
Catalog Description
A study of LIbrary Public Relations and its concomitant activities. The design of a public relations program for a specified agency.
Learning Goals/Outcomes

Create a total public relations package around a program or series. 
Students gain knowledge of:

  • Basic principles of publicizing library programs and services;
  • Various methods for promoting library programs and services;
  • Contents of press kits and library pressrooms;
  • Production of public relations materials;
  • Venues for library promotion.

Highlights: As the Program Coordinator at The Trumbull Library System, the course allowed me to sharpen skills that I utilize daily. I took advantage of the press packet exercise to review the library’s mission and vision statements. The final project allowed me to rewrite and re-examine my templates for press, web sites calendars, and PSAs to make them more effective. The bus placards (JPG File) assignment prompted a revisit to the library’s photo release policy when the staff photograph (JPG FIle) Became one of the highlights of the summer for everyone who participated and it was fun!

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