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Special Project



Evaluation of services and programs of The Trumbull Library Systems (TLS) through cost benefit analysis and patron perception.

As libraries find it difficult to articulate their value and economic viability to their community and funders, I conducted an evaluation of The Trumbull Library System’s services and programs through cost benefit analysis and patron perception. Overall, the public continues to value the library and its role in the community.

For an overview of the project, please read the following abstract:

This study seeks to determine the value of The Trumbull Library System’s programs and services to its patrons and its community. A consumer surplus cost benefit analysis established the collection’s monetary value and return on investment (ROI) using annual report data from 2006 – 2007 to 2008 – 2009 and market value pricing. A two-week, in-library, anonymous survey of adult, library card and non library cardholders measured users’ perception of value. The two components combined to support the main conclusions: (1) the collection has value; (2) the collection averaged $5.35 : $1.00 ROI over the three years; (3) 165 survey participants rated positively those services in which they participate, and (4) content analysis identified nine most valuable services as well as areas for improvement. Based on this comprehensive evaluation, the library can conduct further studies, manage more effectively, design a services portfolio, and provide tangible results to its community and funders.

After Special Project Advisor approval, the results of my findings were presented to The Trumbull Library in the Special Project Report (PDF).

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