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The Special Project Requirements for the Master of Library Science

University’s Requirement for Master’s Degree

“All master’s degree programs at SCSU require the successful completion of one or more of the following individual capstone experiences: a thesis, a comprehensive examination, or a special project (2008-2009 Graduate Catalog, p. 35)

Graduate School Requirement for the Special Project

“The special project requires the application or drawing together of knowledge and skills acquired in the graduate program. Projects are typically completed under a particular course designation and result in a written report or other product, such as a recording or a performance or photographs of an art exhibit, which will be kept on file for review by students, faculty, and accrediting agencies. The master’s degree is conferred after successful completion of a minimum 36 credits including the special project.” (2008-2009 Graduate Catalog, p. 36) Back to the top

ILS Requirements for Special Project

“While each student should complete at least one advanced level or significant project that demonstrates the qualities of a Special Project, it is the Capstone Portfolio that will be taken as satisfying the Special Project requirement” (2008-2009 Graduate Catalog, p. 144).

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